Dollgalassia Halley Pumba in His new pet home #Andrea Ranocchia


Three colours

"Having a ragdoll is a caress for the soul "(Maria Paola C.)
This phrase, of a friend who owns a our kitten, explains better than a thousand words, the joy of living with a ragdoll.

We are Giacomo and Karolina and we discovered this particular breed of cat, by chance, while we were watching a TV program that talked about it, and we were fascinated. So we started study to learn more about RagDoll cats. We started to meet breeders at fairs, at the expo, to ask them for advice and to hear their opinions. Time passed and our curiosity changed in real love. So in June 2010 Rastaban arrived, he has a strong personality but hes also very sweet and loving: you can not leave the room for a few minutes without him following you and lying down next to you. A real tough boy, with a tender heart! Then gradually came Denebola from Hungary, Jagoda from Poland, Venus from Norway and then all the others. So our house was filled with purring, cuddling, love (and also a bit 'of hairs).

The breeding is called Ragdoll della Galassia for another great passion, the stars, for this reason all the names of our cats are names of stars, planets, galaxies and celestial objects. Find the origin of the names on the page of our cats.