Dollgalassia Berenice


Date of Birth: 2016 May 06

Variety: Seal Mitted

Tested forĀ  Fiv Felv Negative

PKD HCM Negative/Negative


RagLuceritos Heart and Soul Venus


Darksummer Rastaban

Meaning of the name

The Coma Berenices is a constellation that is located close to the Lion and contains a large number of galaxies.

The name of the constellation refers to the queen of Egypt, Berenice, famous for his beautiful hair. Lived around the third century BC, Berenice, wife of King Ptolemy 3rd, made a solemn promise to cut her hair if her husband had returned safe from the war against Seleucus 2nd Syria. When Ptolemy returned from the war, Berenice cut his hair hanging them in the temple of Aphrodite and offering them to the gods as well. Them to express their assent turned them into shining stars.